Professional Consultation

If you're looking to buy a piano, there are several things to consider. What type of piano do you want? Where do you find a good piano? What should I look for when inspecting a piano? There are so many brands and retailers to choose from, where do I start? These are just a few of the question we can guide you through with my consultation service. We'll help you get informed and select a quality piano that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for a used piano or for a new one, We will help you make the right decision for you and your family. My honest professional consultation service can save you valuable time and money. Every once in a while you need a simple answer or a little straight talk. Whether you're selling a piano and need an appraisal, or buying a piano and need an on-site professional consultation, we will provide you with no-nonsense answers to help you make a good decision.

Professional Pianist

Our 40 Years of piano service in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area has acquainted us with the finest pianists, singers and musicians. Whether you're hosting  a cocktail party, planning a wedding ceremony, throwing an anniversary surprise, or longing for a classical recital, we can provide just the right artist(s) for your occasion.


We supply only the highest quality, professional pianists…….. No Lion.


Piano Teaching

Loewenthal Pianos keeps an ongoing referral list of quality piano teachers in the Central Jersey area. Feel free to contact us for a referral.


Piano Moving

Many homeowners don't realize that there are movers available to them who specialize in the transportation and storage of pianos. A piano is a delicate instrument and not something you want to take risks with. By trusting this major job to a piano mover, you can rest easy knowing that one of the most valuable items in your home is being transported with the care it deserves.

These intricate inner workings of a piano are exactly why hiring an expert in piano moving is so important. These professionals understand pianos and moving them, from the safest way to lift and twist a standard upright piano to get it out the door, to how to properly disassemble a grand piano and transport it without causing any damage. And even more importantly, a piano mover understands that when your piano is delivered to your new home, you expect to be able to sit down and play it right away. It's why many piano movers keep tuners and repairmen on staff, and why the rest will have a trusted list of professionals available on request if you need it.


We can put you in touch with the professional, insured piano movers we use, trust and recommend.